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ATTORNEYS:  Teach future clients what makes YOU the best choice in your legal niche



    Benefits of Radio Show Interview:                                Sample: Attorney Radio Interview












•     Radio podcast interviews are 15 to 30 minutes in length. Tell a deep and compelling story of how you help your law firm clients.


•     Interview can be published to your; website, blog and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin) even your e-mail signature.


•    Your message can be replayed an unlimited number of times. Long marketing shelf life.


•    NEW! Audience: We will identify over 10,000 potential listeners in your local market that you can distribute your podcast interview to each month.


•    Podcasts are published to Apple Itunes. The largest internet radio publishing platform in the world.


•    We  also publish your interview for up to 2 years on our websites: &  Brian’s Marketing Show.


•    Easy to implement… Conference call interview (takes just 30 minutes to 1 hr).


•    Professional quality sound recording guaranteed.


•    Call to action show notes and your full contact information. (see attorney podcast page)


•     You radio podcast interview is Search Engine Optimized with a "keyword" link to your website.


•    Your podcast can be annotated with graphics and published to your YouTube channel.


•    Interview host understands your industry and will make you look good!


•    Bargain price, a single play radio or TV commercial can cost thousands.



Cost: Just $499






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